Our Mission :

is to improve literacy by providing access to and facilitating low cost, small group and individualized instruction for adults.

Our Core Values

We believe in the dignity of the individual and work collaboratively with each student in the development and achievement of personal, literacy-based instructional goals.

We continually explore opportunities to better serve our neighbors and  to promote adult literacy in Upper Darby and West Philadelphia.

We participate in programs covering multiple aspects of literacy including basic literacy, English as an Acquired Language, health, financial and technological.

We continually support our volunteers with on-going training to empower them to consistently deliver quality instruction to our adult students.

We seek opportunities to speak out in advocacy and support for adults in need of literacy education.

The Literacy Partnership
is comprised of:

Huang Liu - Treasurer

Regina Hunter **
Education & Testing Consultant

Juan Cavinaqua -
Spanish language translations
Bishop Doris Ford
Cathedral of Faith ~ Community Activist

 Member of ProLiteracy
 CASAS and BEST PLUS certified

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